Chiropractic is a health profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuroma sculls skeletal system and the effects of these on overall health. It is based on manual techniques, including joint adjustment and / or manipulation focusing mainly on subluxations.

It places special emphasis on the inherent healing ability of the body and the predominance of the nervous system in relation to other systems in controlling the overall balance of the human body or homeostasis. Treatment is primarily manual being unique feature of our profession specific manual spinal adjustment.


The proof of the vitality and extraordinary resilience of children is the number of falls and crashes that are exposed on a daily basis, usually without consequences. However, over time, some of these minor trauma will participate in the formation of the first subluxations.

Poor posture, backpacks too heavy, a misfit school furniture, etc. also they influence this process. Other factors, such as mental stress or an unbalanced diet may be present in that age and contribute to the problem.

For these reasons the spinal care should be integrated into routine checks of the child.


Specific Chiropractic adjustment done their patients, athletes or other, eliminating interference of the nervous system located mainly in the spine.

 Athletes can be found in chiropractic care help they need to recover from injuries resulting from the practice of their sport.


For those who understand that the body itself is your first and most important tool, they cannot afford to see decrease your activity level, chiropractic becomes the indispensable companion of a full and successful working life.

 Moreover, you need not have a disease condition to undergo treatments such as chiropractic also acts preventively and health maintenance.


For those who do not want to resign themselves to seeing their quality of life decrease with the passage of time and want to add not only years to life, but also more life to the years, chiropractic can give them the support they seek.

At that age, the body becomes more delicate and fragile slower and overall metabolism. A weaker skeleton, tolerates worse than a younger adult aggressive drugs and surgery. You need a more conservative approach, without side effects, which respects the natural physiology rather than alter it to suit the individual needs of each person, as only Chiropractic can offer a patient.

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