Chiropractic For Pregnant Women And Children

First to see the chiropractor when I was pregnant with a sciatica which forced him to walk with crutches. Just left home. Advised by two friends who were treated with chiropractic, he decided to overcome their skepticism and follow their advice. In a few weeks the pain disappeared, began to feel better and regained his life.

His young son received his first chiropractic session five days after birth. It is a healthy child, who has just needed medicines. Most, asthmatic, began to improve thanks to chiropractic and no longer need the medication that previously had to carry around.

How does it work?

“The brain is the one who organizes everything. He communicates with the rest of the organs, receive messages and activates the immune system “. The communication channel is the core, well protected by the vertebrae that surround it. Imagine that one or more of them are in poor condition and interfere fail to make that communication. What would happen then? Any request for help would fail in their attempt to reach the brain and, therefore, no place would come to the “rescue” needed to repair the damage. This “isolation” is, for chiropractic, the source of all disease. The therapist, through a series of manipulations, detects blockages in the flow of information, resolves and ensures that communication lines remain always open. The result is an improvement in health at all levels: physical, emotional and mental.

What results?

The chiropractic is a good complement to conventional medicine: any treatment is more effective if the communication channels are open. Contact with the doctor who treats a child suffering, for example, asthma is essential and to adjust the medication. “Many times the answer is better, faster and less drug doses are required to achieve the same effects”.

Small respond especially well because they crawl, like adults, no disorder for years. “It’s easy to reach them, also remain relaxed during the sessions,” explains the specialist. Marcelo puts a small instrument into the vertebra that is hampering the flow of energy and performs a check of the cervical area and the pelvis, greater stress on small due to work delivery. The sessions are very short and often repeated over once a month.

What disorders chiropractic cure?

Although most people relate it back problems, chiropractic come infants and children with  ear infections, digestive disorders, respiratory infections, problems related to childbirth … In the consultation problems they are also treated hyperactivity: chiropractic improves adaptation body stress and small are also more able to live with their emotions. The aim in all cases is to help the body function better

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