Chiropractic For Neck Pain

It works. And the result is much more effective than the effect that produces the best painkiller. It

Is realized in Maryland where 300 patients were given spinal manipulation according to the precepts of chiropractic, comparing the results with those obtained after drug therapy and an exercise program at home.

The study was published in one of the most important newspapers in mainstream medicine, where they claim that has been shown a decrease in pain compared to therapy with medicines .The benefit was obtained in a short time (a few weeks) but also has seen its result with the passage of time (up to 52 weeks).

Patients undergoing chiropractic suffered from cervical that cause neck pain but also arms and headaches. Normally they feel tingles in various parts of the body.

What it is chiropractic or chiropractic?

Its fundamental principle on which is based is to believe that our body has enormous potential to heal itself. It is necessary to stimulate and provoke the repair process or cure. It is accomplished by treating imbalances occur at the level of the spine. The chiropractor during the first visit verifies the presence of “interference” vertebral level. Then it performs what is called manual manipulation to correct the vertebral blocks so you can eliminate the cause of pain or other organic problems. The body does the rest.

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