Chiropractic Care And Pregnancy

Deformation and stretching muscles, accompanied by back pain are somewhat severe during pregnancy and can be transformed into more than just a nuisance. The increase in average body weight ranges 25 and 35 pounds, combined with increasing pressure from the baby on the body, they can sometimes bring discomfort as a result and very severe pain. In fact, several scientific studies have found that more than half of women who are expecting a baby will experience back pain at some stage during the course of their pregnancies.

This is true particular mentee when we talk about the later stages of pregnancy, when the baby’s head presses down just above the waist area, legs and buttocks of the pregnant woman; pressing even harder on the area where the sciatic nerves. And in the case of those women before they become pregnant suffer from back pain, the problem can become worse still more and more.

During pregnancy, the center of gravity of the woman almost immediately begins to move toward the front of the pelvis; and shifted weight increases pressure on your joints and joints. On the other hand, as the baby grows in size, the weight of women is projected increasingly forward and bend your waist increases more and more, putting extra pressure on the vertebrae and spinal discs vertebral emplaced in that particular area of ​​the body. As a result, the top of the spine should compensate for the pressure – and normal curvature of said area also becomes more pronounced.

To combat this problem, during the course of pregnancy hormones that help to soften the ligaments attached to the bones of the pelvic area are released. But despite these natural changes occur to gradually settling the baby constantly growing, can result in postural imbalances; causing the pregnant woman becomes more likely to move more awkwardly and fall more often.

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