Chiropractic And Children

Today, more and more parents are realizing the benefits of chiropractic care in the health of their children. It does not look only to treat symptoms or pain, but as prevention and the proper functioning of the body. It is known that chiropractic is an excellent option to optimize health and manage various conditions encountered

Trauma or stress in the spine can occur from the long process of birth, when the infant descends through the birth canal or when interventions are used during childbirth such as forceps, “vacuum” or cesarean section. Children may also be exposed to trauma during development when they start to sit up, crawl, walk and later when they begin to participate in physical activities such as sports, biking, and rollerblading, among others. These are the stages that your spine and nervous system, in full swing, are more vulnerable to spinal stress. Therefore, it is very important to evaluate their children with a pediatric chiropractor or family.

All these micro / macro traumas during childhood can affect the development of your spine and thus the function of the nervous system. There is a vital link between the operation of the spine and the nervous system. If the column is not working properly it will be altering the communication of the nervous system. This is extremely important because this is an extensive communication system which flows a steady stream of millions of messages to keep the body working properly.

We know that the key science years, where more neurodevelopmental going to be in the life of a human being are the first five years of life. Therefore, we want to ensure at all times from the base that the nervous system is functioning at its best. Any interference in this vital body system will adversely affect the ability of the body to function at its maximum potential. If they are not corrected in time, many of these spinal traumas become more difficult to correct problems when they reach the adult stage.

It is extremely important that parents understand that their symptoms their children when they have irritation in your spine and nervous system are not showing the same symptoms as adults. Recent studies suggest that colic, ear infections, recurrent colds, asthma, hyperactivity, attention deficit, wet the bed, among others, may be signs of spinal stress and nervous system.

Chiropractic care is extremely safe, and chiropractic doctor change his technique according to age, size and spinal problem of each child. This makes chiropractic adjustments are soft, gentle and effective. A healthy spine and nervous system is an extremely important factor improved health and wellness. That is why as parents regularly take their children to evaluate their teeth, eyes, ears, etc., a chiropractic evaluation should be an essential part of routine visits for prevention and good health of their children.

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