Chiropractic Adjustment

The chiropractic adjustment is the specific method for doctors of chiropractic used to correct subluxation (nerve impingement), rebalance the column and get to establish communication in the nervous system to maximize human potential at all levels.

It is a very specific and painless smooth movement, sure that the chiropractor performs with his hands on the sublimated vertebra or locked joint (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, foot, jaw …). It’s like “turning on the light if you know where the switch is.”

The setting is different depending on who receives: a baby, a pregnant woman, an elderly person with arthritis or operated with dentures or plates.


The goal of spinal adjustment is correct, eliminate or reduce subluxation, to allow good and normal functioning of the nervous system through the spine. Spinal adjustment facilitates optimal functioning of the organism to eliminate nerve subluxation causing interference.

The health of the spine is very important for the proper functioning of tissues, organs, muscles, etc., as subluxations can block nerve traffic to different parts of the body and affect its operation.


Thanks to the long history of chiropractic and research that has always accompanied the profession, there are many techniques to make an adjustment.

Most techniques use hands to apply momentum. The difference between the techniques is its focus on the spine. Some techniques focus only on the upper cervical (Upper Cervical / Hole-in-One), others in the sacrum (Logan), others use tools to adjust (Activator, SOT), and others combine several techniques.

To make stretchers and chairs techniques specific design are used. Spinal adjustments are made in different positions, using the phases of respiration or other body movements to promote their neurological integration act both on the spine and skull as other areas of the body, etc.

Irrelevantly of chiropractic technique chosen, the goal of spinal adjustment is the same, eliminate the subluxation to allow optimal functioning of the body.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that chiropractic is safe and effective for the prevention and management of a variety of health problems whenever the competent chiropractor and apply it properly.

The chiropractic adjustment is studied only in university faculties of chiropractic. It is completely safe, conservative, and completely lacks the side effects usually associated even with seemingly milder drugs; as far as they interfere with the natural functioning of the body, seeks reinstatement.

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